Can you diagnose my mental health or conduct psychotherapy?

No, but I wouldn't want to anyway...

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What is "Kappasinian" hypnotherapy?

Kappas characterized hypnosis as a state of mind - our ideal learning state. Kappasinian therapy is built upon theories of personality development, most respectably the Ericksons' Stages of Development.

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Is hypnosis like sleep or being unconscious?

It's not really either of those...

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Why do you record sessions?

I record sessions so that I can review the recordings as session notes.

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Where can I find the the "Disclosure" form and other Hypnotechs forms?

All Hypnotechs forms are available to clients in the Hypnotechs Client Portal.

Can you really be hypnotized?

Yes! Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that occurs in most people on a regular basis.

How much do sessions cost?

It depends upon the session type, but current pricing is on the booking page.

Can I take the Kappasinian E&P (Emotional/Physical) Assessment online?

Yes! Please take the quiz on the site at: