Where can I experience "street" hypnosis?

In-person or on video, the street hypnotists are a fascinating bunch

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Where is Hypnotechs located?

Duvall, Wa. - 15315 1st Ave NE Suite 205A Duvall, WA 98019 to be exact.

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Do you utilize any "personality typing" in your work?

I like MBTI and FIRO-B, among others...

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What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotized?

While it's a very subjective thing, there are some elements that the vast majority of us experience when hypnotized.

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How do I schedule or book a new session?

Just visit the Booking Page at: https://booking.hypnotechs.com

Where do I park when I come for my appointment?

You can park on the street anywhere around the building, or in the Duvall Hardware parking lot.

My friend tried hypnosis and it didn't work. It's fake, right?

Oh yeah? Well, MY friend knew a guy who was once in business with a guy who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon!

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