Why do you use a link shortener when posting online? (hypnotechs.me)

I was asked about why I post links that start with "hypnotechs.me" or sometimes "link.hypnotechs.com" that then redirect to the original URL. Fair enough.

Because the world works on different platforms, sometimes people need to type in a link instead of just clicking it. If you are on a small screen, the link can be hard to read, wrap lines or contain characters that require three layers of keyboard changes to get at.

For example, here is one of my short links:


In reality, that link goes here:


Which would you rather type in?

I am not trying to obscure the source or original URL, you will see that the full path is displayed and it takes you to the original source when you click my link. I also don't get anything in the way of any sort of payment when you click my links. It's just a way for my to share links more conveniently. The only data I even see in my control panel is the number of clicks the link has received and some analytics about how many people clicked on a phone, tablet or PC. I don't see anything personally identifiable.


If you see "hypnotechs.me" or "link.hypnotechs.com", you know it's probably a much longer URL and I have personally curated the content you are about to see because I think you might find it interesting. At least I did.