Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! Almost always.

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What if the hypnotherapist makes a suggestion I don't like?

You can disregard it or ask for something different...

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Can I adjust my position or scratch an itch while I am hypnotized?

Absolutely! Take your shoes off, stay awhile!

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Where did Rob get his education?

His Diploma in Hypnotherapy came from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, but he has certifications from many places.

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Will I give away all my secrets?

No, if you don't like a question you will simply ignore it.

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Is there anything that you won't work on with a client?

Yes. I've got an open mind, but there are limits.

Do you do work with grief and loss?

I do. Grief and loss are intertwined with trauma and anxiety, all of which can be addressed with hypnosis.

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How many sessions should I expect to need?

That's a completely fair question, and I hate having to answer this way; "It depends."

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My friend tried hypnosis and it didn't work. It's fake, right?

Oh yeah? Well, MY friend knew a guy who was once in business with a guy who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon!

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