What do you mean by "Presentations & Training"?

As I described in the "Stage Hypnosis" FAQ, there are three types of stage hypnosis.  I have done all three, but for the purposes of this site, I am referring to the final two mentioned there:

Another type of stage hypnosis is the hypnosis demonstration. In this type of performance, the purpose is to educate, rather than to entertain. Hypnotic phenomenon takes front stage and the comedy takes a back seat. In this type of show, the purpose is for you to walk out with a better understanding of what hypnosis is and more importantly, what it is not.

The final category is the seminar presentation. The purpose of this type of performance is once again educational, but in this case, hypnosis is only used to prove a point about some other topic. A classic example is a performance given before a group of salespeople, where hypnosis is used to show illustrate how a mindset can have a large impact on the success or failure of a sale.

I enjoy working on stage, so if you have something in mind, let's talk. I bet we can come up with something that suits your audience and fits your budget." Presentations & Training