Is hypnosis "mind control"?

This misconception comes from what people see happening during hypnosis stage shows. It looks for all the world like the subjects are doing whatever the hypnotist tells them, no matter how ridiculous. If you look closely, however, you might notice that with almost every skit, there's at least one person who ignores the hypnotist and just sits there. That person has chosen not to participate for some reason. Usually, it's because they can't picture or imagine what the hypnotist is describing, they think it's too silly or it conflicts with something they believe so they just choose to sit that one out.

The rest of the people are having a great time using their imaginations in the world the hypnotist is describing for them. They are having a great time playing along because, let's face it, playing is fun and using your imagination feels good, especially as an adult when you have practically forgotten what it's like.

In hypnosis, you are hyper-focused. There are no "hypnozombies". If you are given a suggestion you don't like, you will ignore it or even bring yourself fully awake. As hypnotists, we have to tread very lightly to avoid that by keeping our words congruent with what the subject expects otherwise they come right out of trance. That makes "mind control" impossible."