Do you take insurance?

I don't at this time, but there might be another option...

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Can I take the Kappasinian E&P (Emotional/Physical) Assessment online?

Yes! Please take the quiz on the site at:

What types of hypnosis do you use?

Primarily Kappasinian and Ericksonian methods, but I am happy to range about as needed.

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What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

We ask for at least 24-hours or the full session fee may apply.

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What if I want to experience hypnosis, but don't need therapy?

That's completely okay. We'd still love to meet with you.

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I'm too _______ to be hypnotized. Right?

Too smart, focused, intelligent, imaginative, in control, skeptical, and so on...

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hat happens if "nature calls" while I am hypnotized?

"You should have gone before we left!"

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