In your Kappasinian Suggestibility and Sexuality assessments, why do you ask me to predict where I am on the scale?

For both the Kappasinian Suggestibility Assessment and the Sexuality Assessment, I ask users to take a guess about where they fall on the scale before taking the quiz.

Your answer for that question has no effect on the assessment results.

I ask that question out of curiosity alone. It's interesting to see how well people understand the scale and then how well they apply the descriptions to themselves. In general, the responses are roughly correct, though they are often off in the level chosen. (A person predicts they are a Strong Analytical, and they are on the analytical scale, but not as strong as they thought)

When the results are way off, opposite ends of the scale even, I am always curious whether the person didn't understand the exercise or whether their self-image is that different from what the test indicates. For Hypnotechs clients with that sort of incongruence, I always explore that in our first session.