Do you take insurance?

I do not.

I'll be honest with you, I looked into it, briefly and it looked like a mountain of paperwork, especially with the changing insurance landscape these days. Maybe there's an easy way to do it and I will figure that out down the road. In most cases, the rates I charge would have to be dramatically increased so that the insurance companies could get their cut and I could cover the time for all the extra overhead. In one example, that increase would have been FIVE TIMES my normal rate. I just can't justify that.

For now, it's cash, check and pretty much every major credit/debit card you might carry.

A number of my clients have reported that they are able to submit reciepts from Hypnotechs to their insurance company for reimbursement under the "alternative medicine category". If you choose to try that, all the information you should need is on my credentials page, license number, location and so on.