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How can I reach/contact you?

Email is definitely the best bet. info@hypnotechs.com is ideal.

What are your qualifications for being a hypnotherapist?

Check out the "Credentials" section of the main site for all the information you could want on qualifications.

How do I schedule or book a new session?

Just visit the Booking Page at: https://booking.hypnotechs.com

Do you do work with grief and loss?

I do. Grief and loss are intertwined with trauma and anxiety, all of which can be addressed with hypnosis.

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What and when is "World Hypnotism Day"?

It's sort of a big deal in the industry, but maybe you have never heard of it?

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Do you accept everyone as a new client?

Unfortunately no.

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Are there people who should not be hypnotized?

Yes, but not many.

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Will you teach me "Self-Hypnosis"?

Of course, I will!

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