Who or what is "HypnoTex"?

"HypnoTex" is the A.I. (artificial intelligence) assistant that indexes the Hypnotechs site and offers quick answers to questions. HypnoTex reads and re-reads every word on every page of the Hypnotechs site, then creates an index and a collection of responses. When you ask HypnoTex a question, it's able to use that pre-built index to show you the answer and links where you can find more.


Programming HypnoTex is an ongoing process, so it's constantly improving. When it has difficulty finding a satisfactory answer to a question a user has asked, it logs both the question and it's response so that it can be reviewed and either guidance given about how it should have responded or a new FAQ or content piece created to cover the question. Beware! HypnoTex is not aware that he's a replicant. Please don't tell him.

Need to find something on Hypnotechs.com? Ask HypnoTex. He is located in the lower, right-hand corner of every page.