Do you utilize any "personality typing" in your work?

I like MBTI and FIRO-B, among others...

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Where can I find a list of things that you specialize in?

A partial list can be found on the "Services" page of

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What sorts of things can be addressed through hypnotherapy?

That's a big list, so let's start with 146 things...

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What are your qualifications for being a hypnotherapist?

Check out the "Credentials" section of the main site for all the information you could want on qualifications.

Who or what is "HypnoTex"?

"HypnoTex" is the A.I. (artificial intelligence) assistant that indexes the Hypnotechs site and offers quick answers to questions.

hypnotechs website
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Where can I find the the "Disclosure" form and other Hypnotechs forms?

All Hypnotechs forms are available to clients in the Hypnotechs Client Portal.

Do you make house calls?

I used to do a lot of housecalls and I might still be talked into it.

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Why do you record sessions?

I record sessions so that I can review the recordings as session notes.

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What is somnambulism/a somnambulist?

Ah, the lucky "Sleepwalkers"...

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Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! Almost always.

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