Does everyone respond to hypnotherapy?

Anyone with even average intelligence and a bit of imagination can be hypnotized to one degree or another.

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hat happens if "nature calls" while I am hypnotized?

"You should have gone before we left!"

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Do you offer a guarantee?

Since you do most of the work, I can't...

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What sorts of things can be addressed through hypnotherapy?

That's a big list, so let's start with 146 things...

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What should I look for in a hypnotherapist?

That answer takes up an entire page...

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What if the hypnotherapist makes a suggestion I don't like?

You can disregard it or ask for something different...

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Is "deep" hypnosis required for therapy to work?

No. Many things can be done with even a light trance...

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Can you diagnose my mental health or conduct psychotherapy?

No, but I wouldn't want to anyway...

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Will I give away all my secrets?

No, if you don't like a question you will simply ignore it.

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Will I be under the "control" of the hypnotist?

Not in the slightest...

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