Who or what is Hypnobot?

"Hypnobot" is the A.I. (artificial intelligence) assistant that indexes the Hypnotechs site and offers quick answers to questions. Hypnobot reads and re0reads every word on every page of the Hypnotechs site, then creates an index and a collection of responses. When you ask Hypnobot a question, it's able to use that prebuilt index to find the answer and show you the answer and links where you can find more.

Programming Hypnobot is an ongoing process, so it's constantly improving. When it has difficulty finding a satisfactory answer to a question a user has asked, it logs both the question and it's response so that it can be reviewed and either guidance given about how it should have responded or a new FAQ or content piece created to cover the question.

Need to find something on Hypnotechs.com? Try Hypnobot. It's located in the lower, right-hand corner of every page.

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