I can't be hypnotized!

It's a little known fact that hypnosis works with anyone who has average or better intelligence and even the tiniest bit of imagination. Period.

So, if you "can't be hypnotized", well, I will let you read between the lines...

When someone tells me "I can't be hypnotized!", I will admit to smirking a bit, (on the inside only). On the outside, I know what they really mean is "I haven't been hypnotized." And that is something I can work with and help them out with.

If you've managed to read this far, you CAN be hypnotized if the hypnotist knows what they need to do to reach you. The VAST majority of failures to hypnotize are the fault of the hypnotist, not the subject. Sure, as I describe elsewhere in this FAQ, you can resist and even prevent hypnosis, but assuming that you are willing to go along with the process, you will go into hypnosis just like the rest of us.